Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sleep unknown.

It's officially uncomfortable all day and now all night.
My hips were on fire last night even with a pillow wedged between my legs. I know i should just get used to the sleeplessness, but damn, i also want to stay sane. I was also reading this book last night, baby wise, about breastfeeding, and was actually kinda freaked out by the notion of feedings every three hours for the first 6-8 weeks. Their idea is to feed, keep baby up and active for a bit, then put them down for a nap all in three hours. While this sounds good, where does the breastfeeding mama get sleep in that? The only way to make that work is to pump for two feedings and try to sleep through a batch of time while ash takes control. I know sleep is not something to expect when you have a new infant but damn, I don't want to end up a crazed maniac. There is probably a happy medium I haven't discovered yet!

Madelyn is still very active and present most hours. Sometimes it feels like she having a seizure in there. She's definitely growing because the heartburn is ridiculous. She's pushed her way up to squishing my internal organs so much that water causes an acid digestion attack. I know we have 8 weeks left, but damn girl, i want her out now! Not only for selfish reasons...okay they are all selfish, I just want to hold her and get her life I really am done.

We have limited things that are still needed, it's nice to know that if she came right now we'd be okay. But, it's not 100% and my OCD is killing me. Our last shower is in a month, too long to wait to finish up in my opinion...but oh well.

Ash is still needing to learn appropriate ways to talk to a pregnant wife. In my "woe is me" week, he has unfortunately commented on me needing a haircut and that my butt is getting bigger. I know he meant these nicely, but it didn't come off as such, especially when I was already down and out about it all.

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