Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh goody goody

The nausea is back in full swing. In fact, I might just have to set the phone down and stop blogging in a few minutes so I can make it to the bathroom. I was back to the once a week toss in December and now this week looks like it might go up in occurances, as Monday was a particularly bad day and today isn't looking so good either.

Also, anyone had the metallicy stars in their vision while pregnant? It's happening more and more, I feel like I am tripping on acid or something.

Anyhow in non pregnancy related news:

Yesterday, I happened to stop by my old stomping ground store and saw my boss for clini.que. She took me aside and let me know there might be an opening back in my old store with more hours. It was awesome. I love the crew there, plus the extra funds will definitely come in handy when the baby gets here. Not to mention, my commute time will be much much shorter, gas money less, and more time at home with madelyn. It does mean one more day of work (five) but I used to have that and going down to four makes a BIG difference to your pay, it would be going back to what I was used to right when we are going to need diapers and formula. I am supposed to hear from them in a few days. And my maternity leave isn't a big deal because I already work for the company. Cross your fingers.

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  1. FYI - I went partially blind (not really, slight exaggeration) in the later stages of pregnancy. I couldn't read little things and felt that the world had a glowing shadow... :o)