Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A lengthy appt

My doctors appt Monday was good, I finally got some good information from the doctor. We started discussing labor, birth plans, and what his vision is. He referred to a birth plan as "angering the labor gods" and that the best plan is one that is made between him and I on the day of birth. All of that sounds fine to me, I am not too worried about how it goes, as long as it goes. Madelyn sounded good, although I am measuring two weeks behind in uterus terms, he seem to not worry.

My main questions regarding possible csection (thanks to that nurse in november who commented on my "csection likely" check she did) were squashed, he said he hadn't noticed anything odd and that plently of women deliver just fine. I have also been under the assumption and "feeling" that this baby was coming early...although this may just be a want more than a truth, whereas he talked about inducing if I go over two weeks (I think he is thinking a late baby due to size). I just want to put it out in the universe that I am desperate to NOT go over...please oh please come on time or minutes after Madelyn turns 37 weeks which is full term and in 35 days from now. I cannot fathom going extra long into this, not how I feel right now and how I imagine I will feel in 5 weeks. Seriously.

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