Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yep more whining

Throwing up like crazy.

Now, migraines. Super.

I am trying not to overdose on the tynelnol, but jesus.

I am hoping the doctor has a remedy in mind when I go in on Thursday for my monthly yep, still pregnant appt. I am thinking I may try a chiropractor or the acupunchure route.

I have been lucky enough to not feel like too much crap at work and most of my worst days at home.

I am starting to get on the get it done bandwagon. We are going to try to pick out the paint color and starting to buy things here and there. It was pretty cool to find out ash has been hoarding some funds for the delivery, one less thing to worry about.

We also looked into the GET program, where you pay monthly towards college from the babys first year. This clutches the pricing of tuition on the year you start too, but damn it's expensive. 350 a month, we were not expecting that. But, it is worth it. And by the time the second one comes around, it will be 700 a month well spent so we don't have to worry when the bill comes due for 4 years of tuition.

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  1. i hope that your doctor can do something for the migraines. I had headaches from about 3 months to maybe 8 months every day around 1 pm. the only blessing was that when i stopped working (4wks before my due date) i could take naps and the headaches would go away.

    Are you guys going to find out the gender?

  2. Unfortunately I also am prone to migraines if I take a nap, thankfully I haven't gotten to the middle of the day tired part yet. I was fully convinced that this was going to be super easy. Not so much anymore!

    We aren't going to find out the gender, only a few surprises you get in life, so we are making a few grandparents crazy but it's ok with us so they will just have to deal.