Friday, September 18, 2009


Baby bug is 100 days old. This is huge.

The bug (which I am fully convinced is a boy) is breathing fluid, moving and summersaulting, and is now the size of a big ass orange! This begins the week that some people can feel the baby move inside, most second time moms and skinny ladies (so says the forums) so me being the latter...I am just waiting oh so impatiently.

Mom is wincing when she can't find her belly band to wear her jeans, hungry but not so hungry she could tear someone's limb off, and still with the nausea. Thankfully I haver thrown up since Wednesday, but damned if I didn't think it was going to happen at least three times yesterday.

I tried to buy something for the baby yesterday, but clothes and dodads just seem trival. Plus I know we will be overrun with those things after a shower or two so I can't justify wasting money on them. Should I start stocking up on diapers or save for something big? My bank has the keep the change savings thing, I should be able to have enough for a crib by December with my shopping habits. But I know the diapers/formula are going to be more neccessity come time when I no longer bring in the bacon during leave. Only problem there is that I have heard some babies don't like brand a diapers or brand x formula. I plan on the boobie feeding method, but there isn't a comfortable place to pump at work...not to mention the 3 out of 4 people I know who tried all had their hearts broken when their milk dried up earlier then they wanted.

Decisions, decisions.

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