Friday, September 4, 2009

What food aversions?

Before pregnancy, you'd have know me as the most ridiculous picky eater ever. Milk more than two days old tastes funky, expiration dates were gold to me and followed to a tee, and some textured foods were never to touch my mouth.

Now, dear lord, now.

The lists of what not to eat while pregnant seems to not be on my mind...ever. Things like lunch meat and tuna, expired cans of pumpkin, it's all good in my head even when I know it may not be. It's like I am tempting fate, but my cravings and need for nutrition see past all of these things and do it anyway.

I've had this argument running in my head for days. Lunch meat is actually considered dangerous for everyone, pregnant or not, and is supposed to be heated. The bacteria can just possibly make you sick and then because you are pregnant, you get more sick potentially. Lunch meat makes up roughly four out of five lunches in my week normally and its been a tough road to find anything to make up the nutrition I need throughout the day. And the tuna, which I totally understand, I just have tried to limit my intake to once a week. Caffiene...don't even get me started on how many different amounts seem to be okay via some study, again all I can do is find a reasonable amount that cane keep me from a migraine and move on with my day.

But seriously, women did more crazy shit and put worse foods in their bodies then I have. And I go totally mental over it...when really all I need to do is relax.

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  1. I gave it all up. No caffeine, no lunch meat, no tuna. It's not worth the risk to me.

  2. I gave it al up. No caffeine, no lunchmeat, no tuna. It's not worth the risk to me.