Sunday, October 18, 2009

Picture Progression and other ramblings...

It's hard to tell, but my boobs did not get smaller in the second picture, my stomach is just larger! I am up at least a full cup and chest size and have moved into the "bras I bought when I thought was bigger than I actually was" section of my dresser drawer. Besides a growing belly, which I have no complaints over, and a barage of crazy sickness that hasn't seemed to leave my side since the first week of September...I have been a very boring Melissa.

Speaking of the sick. I finally was able to come up with my own diagnosis via my mom and for the nausea, coughing, sore throat, acidy mouth I had been experiencing off and on for some time.....acid indigestion. I apparently, having never had this before, have had this problem for well over a month. It had gotten severe enough to cause a mimic'd cold to which I was about to kick some serious ass of some coworker for giving me...once I figured out which of the many sick ones had actually infected me with it. A trip to the grocery store at midnight and a purchase of pepcid confirmed my diagnosis and suddenly I feel like a normal person....with a growing belly.

One of the 109 symptoms I seem to be experiencing as of late is crappy hair. Why I couldn't have been one of those with thick locks that shine and glow like a goddess' I don't know. Instead, my hair was turning ashy at the roots as some new craptastic ash brown color started to grow where my reddish brown should have been. This was actually making it look like I was going gray. So, I chopped it all off. I sat down in a chair and said....pixie, but edgy. I ended up with a half kate gosse.lin meets rihanna kind of a do, that hopefully grows out nicely and I can get it re-styled in a few weeks to something more like what I asked for.

The nursery is coming along, as in it is filling full of hand me downs and clearance clothes I find. We haven't painted or even found a dresser. If I could just get a dresser in there I would stop having these panicky looks when I walked in that room. I hate clutter especially clutter that doesn't have a home. It is starting to smell like a baby, which is weird, but we keep the room closed off so the scavengers (aka bustah, sadie, and pita) don't wander in so I think the smell is just from some of the baby bath products we've gotten for registering...but it is a cool feeling to walk in and have it smell like a nursery minus poop.

On a last note, if everyone reading this could comment (hello! is a perfectly acceptable comment) so I can get a feeling on who I am writing to and if anyone out there is still listening....that would be fantastic and it would make me feel less crazy. thanks!
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  1. still here! :) my hair turned crappy while i was pg too. and my skin was god awful ;)

  2. I'm consistently reading your blog!

  3. Its nice to have the updates. I still read occasionally even when I get to hear some of this first hand.