Friday, October 2, 2009

Omg 5 days have passed

Since I have thrown up or had a migraine. (knocking on wood). I was able to get some migraine meds from the doctor so I will be one happy camper if the symptoms show again. My dr appt went well, besides a few hiccups. It was an Hour and a half appt because of some behind the scenes issue and a hiccup I caused! I happened to throw some why should I questions at the doctor about the swine flu vaccine... Ash and I had some doubts about the haste in the production of this vaccine and without knowing the potential side effects later. I was quickly stopped in my tracks. My doctor said yes, interupting me and a little teary, which was strange. He explained that the woman who had died in my town (puyallup, wa) from swine flu after spending time in a coma and having an emergency c-section before dying was at one point his patient. He was the ob on call at the hospital when the decision had to be made to deliver the 2 1/2 month early baby. I felt awful and like I had offended him. But, now I understand his take, and we will be going ahead with the vaccine.

In good news, I did feel the baby move a few times this week. Felt like little guppies in a fisbowl. In bad news, I have lost three pounds instead of gaining some... This is no good. My baby bump, a full on one now, is coming from somewhere... the pounds must be transfering from other parts of my body.

I am getting weird side effects of pregnancy now. Anxiety about the baby room. Hungry but not. What I call reverse hiccuping (taking in a breath instead of a hiccup but just as often). Crazy heart thumping that sends me into a panic at night.

Overall, it's good to be on my way and not throwing up. That's all I can ask for.

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