Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A good ol update.

I know, I have been missing.

Super not so hot feeling mixed with super busy at work equals not a blog friendly Melissa.

I know... 18 weeks and still sick with the nausea. Awesome.

My stomach is starting to pull and feel uncomfortable if I stretch, I am thinking things should be popping out in a week or so (like my belly button and a full on "oh when are you due" kind of belly...rather than the "lay off the doritos" kind). I think I've felt the baby moving quite a few times but now I go crazy when I haven't felt him move for a day. I know this is pretty common but still...

Our big ultrasound is in two weeks. I am waning on finding out the sex, 60% of me wants to know if I am right as I think it's a boy.

I should be able to post some more pics this week as things should calm down this week.

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