Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Hunt Begins

If I wasn't thinking about babies constantly already, and wondering to myself, what the F^%& is wrong with me for not producing a duplicate in a more timely matter....

Being the oldest child, oldest grandchild, oldest cousin.... friend who got married first.... it was expected that I procreate as quick as humanly possible. Everyone is in constant reminder that we were not willing to conceive in the past due to finances, and now that we have finally decided to dive in and just do it, it seems that people have forgotten that it can take some god damn time.

There's only a twenty percent chance of making babe a month, even if we are totally on it and get to the baby making on schedule. I'm not interested in standing on my head, or checking my temperature every morning and running around on all the baby forums talking TTC and whatever other codes momwannabes make up.

When it happens it happens, just everyone else STOP producing so I can get a chance at the limelight.....when I'm good and ready.

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