Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So is it worth it to keep going...

I've thought about moving my blog back to the old name so I could get that group of readers I lost in the shuffle. Thoughts? I know at least one reader still remains...thanks Christina!

My other thought is to start over entirely, as madlittlecupcake is now cupcakes....we oops it and woke up pregnant again, which is ridiculous to be in that group after trying for over a year the first time. Maddie is only 6 months and dear god I'm going to have two under two. Motherf.

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  1. WOW that is GREAT!!! the positive part of having them this close, is that they grow up with each other, you will be asked if they are twins, and they leave after High school at the same time... RETIREMENT!!! See there is a positive after the Negative.

  2. I live in Bremerton! Just wanted to point that out! LOL... Your daughter is adorable!! I started a new blog to discuss my TTC issues, and I have my old one still. I only am telling a few people who know me about this one. I have two babies who are 16 months apart, however, Springy has a lot of medical issues and is smaller then his younger brother. So yeah... I feel your pain. The hardest part for me was juggling the two of them, and attention for both of them, it's hard but it's do-able and you'll do just fine :) As for how to get readers, there are a few groups I could direct you to that would help you get followers/readers :)